Real Estate

Here at the law offices of Aura Olivas, P.A. we assist and advise homeowners at all stages of property ownership, including negotiating, drafting and reviewing purchase agreements.



Business Entities

We recognize the importance of choosing a legal structure for their client companies. We assist and evaluate your needs to provide you with the best available opportunity.


Aura Olivas, P.A.

Our goal is to provide superior service to consumers going through the real estate closing process as well as to those who are purchasing the assets of a business. 

We have been serving South Florida for over 15 years, protecting and advising them on every aspect of real estate law.

Our real estate experience extends to residential and commercial closings. Our attorneys also assist clients with the creation of different business entities.

About Aura Olivas, P.A.

We have been serving South Florida for over 15 years and everyone of our clients has had a successful real estate purchase. We are a firm based on proactivity and effectiveness.

To have an expert in legal issues is very important in real estate purchases. Many questions will arise during the process that a good real estate agent can't answer and/or make judgments on these legal questions.


  • Dr. Aura Olivas ability to solve Real Estate legal issues are brilliant. She provided me with thoughtful, specific, and detailed legal advised that allowed me to invest worry-free. She listens carefully to all the issues that come up and responds quickly and clearly. In all the time I have worked with Ms. Olivas I have never been disappointed!

    Patricia Hernandez

  • Never expected to get such a great and detailed attention! It is a real pleasure to work with Aura Oliva, I think she simply guesses my thoughts! I was looking for a really powerful lawyer to help me with my first real estate purchase, that would allow profound thought about my purchase... & I've found it! Thank you so much Dr. Olivas!

    Peter Sneijder